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Farfetch.com’s All-time Male Style Icons

In honour of Menswear Fashion Week we look at ten of the best dressed men ever…

Steve McQueen

Super-masculine, hot-headed movie star dubbed ‘The King Of Cool’, McQueen looked as stylish and comfortable in a sharp suit in The Thomas Crown Affair as he does in weathered blue sweatshirt and khakis sat astride a motorcycle in The Great Escape. But he was best loved for his rough and ready off-screen look – sporty jacket, classic knits and ever-present dark sunglasses.

Cary Grant

Considered to be the very epitome of the word ‘debonair’, Grant’s dashing good looks and smart but genial persona turned him into one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest leading men. Always dapper, the key to his look, from the neatly combed hair, to the tailored suit and classic trench, is that he’s always immaculately turned out.

David Beckham

The footballer/model needs no introduction, and love him or loathe him, no other man has had the effect on men’s fashion in the past decade that Beckham has. Each new hairstyle launches a thousand copies, and whilst he’s had his slip-ups (leathers suits, sarongs) his dressed down uniform of jeans, beanies, t-shirts and tattoos is simple but effective. And he can really pull off a suit.

Gianni Agnelli

Not a household name, yet one that those in the know continue to cite when talking about stylish men, Agnelli was a fantastically wealthy Italian industrialist at large in society during the middle of the 20th century. Even in his fashion conscious homeland he stood out, with beautiful bespoke suits teamed eccentrically with chunky hiking boots and oddly placed ties, and his watch always worn above his cuff. A true example of effortless (but actually very well thought out) elegance.

Alain Delon

Once referred to as ‘the male Bardot’, in his youth, French actor Delon had rakish good and a jaunty sartorial style that won him countless female admirers. Partial to polo-shirts, chunky knits and crisply cut trousers, an ever-present cigarette dangling from one hand, Delon is a master-class in stylish nonchalance.

James Dean

An obvious choice, but an unavoidable one. Dean is the blueprint of the well-dressed but casual man. Before meeting an untimely end aged 24, the star of Rebel Without A Cause showed men everywhere that with four carefully chosen wardrobe staples – jeans, black leather jacket, white t-shirt and aviator sunglasses, you can look timeless and stylish at all times.

Ryan Gosling

Gosling is the man that women the world over want their boyfriends to dress like (amongst other things), and since he appeared in violent gore-fest Drive wearing a striking satin jacket, his stock has gone up with the male population too. A real risk taker when it comes to fashion, Gosling’s love of contrast trim suits, white slacks and deck shoes make him stand out from the rest of the A list.

Robert Downey Jr.

Proof that it’s never too late to become a sartorial icon, Downey Jr. spent his twenties flailing around in drug abuse and a succession of crumpled, mismatched outfits. Sobriety, some excellent film roles and growing into his looks has worked wonders though, and now the Iron Man star has perfected the art of looking laid-back but smart on the red carpet, with suits accessorised with coloured lense glasses, quirky ties and bold sneakers.

Serge Gainsbourg

Having won the hearts of both Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, there’s no denying that legendary French lothario Gainsbourg had something that the ladies liked. Some of this is likely down to his music prowess, he was responsible for hundreds of hit songs and also gifted the world Je t’aime non plus, but some credit must go to his image – louche, rumpled and sexy, with unbuttoned shirts, pea-coats, messy hair and an air of French disdain.

Mick Jagger

From one sex symbol to another, although it has to be said that Jagger, as the lead singer in The Rolling Stones, went to town with that notion like no-one else. Aside from his famous pout and that bed hair, Jagger liked to show off his lithe body and manhood in a series of eye-wateringly tight trousers and velvet suits. Some of his chest baring shirts might have been on the effeminate side Jagger in his prime was the ultimate in dressing to get noticed.

by Hollie Moat

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