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  • Style and substance incarnate, there’s only ever been one David Bowie. Here we celebrate his most defining style moment as a prelude to his exhibition at the V&A - let the awesome rub off…
  • The Man Who Fell To Earth could easily be the title of David Bowie’s biography – given his otherworldly talent and distinctive personal aesthetic.
  • The singer’s debut film role seemed to tap into an essence that still defines him. His on-screen character Thomas Jerome Newton became his alter-ego The Thin White Duke. Louche and ethereal - no one had ever seen anything quite like The Thin White Duke, particularly given the stark contrast from Ziggy Stardust, the dazzlingly eye-catching persona Bowie had assumed as part of the popular glam-rock scene several years earlier.
  • Only Bowie could have pulled off alabaster skin with that shockingly bright hair, but his pared-back wardrobe of high-waisted trousers, white shirts and shrunken jackets with over-sized collars has continued to influence street-style and some of music’s most interesting acts.
  • Glossy synth duo Hurts’ striking look – minimal, artfully tailored monochrome - could have been lifted straight from the Duke’s wardrobe... And it’s still working for them now three years after their acclaimed debut album. When Duke-era Bowie moved to Berlin in 1976 to experiment, and work with Iggy Pop and Brian Eno, it wasn’t yet considered the hotbed of cool it is now. Bowie changed that - in fact, the era is considered such an important chapter in cultural history that it’s the subject of an upcoming (yet to be named) feature film.
  • Bowie’s Berlin lives on, as an influence on bands from Joy Division to Bloc Party, home to some of the world’s wildest clubs, the adopted city of rising Hollywood talent like Sam Riley. But even before he is once again immortalised on celluloid, let’s remember that the Thin White Duke, with his minimal chic and the air of a mad aristocrat, remains Bowie’s most original and enduring incarnation.

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