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  • The Florida boutique,
    renowned for its fine
    jewellery, presents its
    list of designers to watch
  • When it comes to all that glitters,
    Jay Hartington knows what he’s talking
    about. ‘The level of jewellery we house
    demands expert knowledge in order to
    give the service our customers expect
    and deserve,’ the gallery manager (and
    son of the Marissa Collections
    founders) says. ‘Gemological education
    is imperative for us.’ The gallery has an
    on-site gemologist and features
    statement pieces incorporating
    everything from rare coloured gems
    to fossilised walrus tusks.

    Jay and his team are quick to spot
    new designers, while making sure that
    no two pieces are the same. ‘We’re very
    selective,’ Jay explains. ‘We make sure
    not to carry designers that are too
    similar and we keep the collections
    focused. We look for fine jewellery that
    our clients can incorporate into their
    personal style.’
  • Jay says: ‘Monique Pean pieces
    are not only beautiful, but also
    eco-friendly. She only uses rare
    and sustainable materials [such
    as] fossilised woolly mammoth,
    fossilised walrus ivory and
    sustainable buffalo horn. The gold
    is recycled and the diamonds are
    conflict free. Her jewellery is luxury
    with a conscience.’
  • Jay says: ‘Tamara Comolli is all
    about casual chic, and for a resort
    town like Naples [Florida] that fits
    perfectly. The jewellery is sporty,
    but polished and refined showing
    excellent craftsmanship. Tamara's
    pieces can be worn every day but
    transcend easily into evening.’
  • Jay says: ‘Her use of colour and
    arrangement is excellent. Irene can
    do a statement piece like no other
    and has a great eye for mixing
    colours in an unexpected way.’
  • Jay says: ‘I recommend Arunashi
    for his fine quality and unusual
    gemstones, such as Kashmir
    sapphires, Paraiba tourmaline, rare
    conch and clam pearls, which he
    pairs with fine coloured stones and
    unusual metals like carbon fibre,
    titanium and Corian. The end result
    is a surprising twist and a creative
    approach to traditional jewellery.’
  • Jay says: ‘Mattia Cielo creates
    wearable architecture that's
    sensually modern. He combines
    18k gold with titanium,
    producingxflexible pieces that

Designer Picks: Jewelry Gallery at Marissa Collections

Words by Beatrix Zwart. Illustrations by Larissa Haily Aguado
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