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Boutique Choice: Playlist by Layers

by Hollie Moat

‘The mood of the sound follows our store’s concept and merchandise,’ explains Nik , of the avant-garde London boutique Layers, citing techno, bassline, house, post-punk, industrial and post-rock as the store’s genres of choice. We take a look at which albums will feature on Layers’ playlist this season

Kollaps by Einstürzende Neubauten 

This 1981 anti-pop rebellion against musical convention features apocalyptic lyrics screamed to the sounds of handmade instruments, including steel-parts, hammers and barrels.  

Nik says: ‘This band represents the spirit of avant-garde and experimental. It is a new hearing impact.’

Planning Application by Factory Floor

Released by the record label One of One in 2008, this EP merges distinctive guitar riffs, dance basslines and a post-punk attitude. Gabe Gurnsey and Dominic Butler’s distorted, eerie sound is unique in music today.  

Nik says: ‘This London-based band revived post-Eighties pop punk and the album is an innovative mix of industrial, post punk and minimal techno. You will find enormous satisfaction from its compact drum sounds.’

Digital Soul by Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler is one of the most respected house producers in the world. With experimental bass lines, repeated choruses and 4/4 beat, this is a perfect introduction to his redefinition of house music.  

Nik says: ‘House music is made for chilling out on sunny afternoons. It proves that Layers isn’t only dark. We play happy tunes too!’

Artificial Intelligence by Warp Records, Various Artists

This series of albums released between 1992 and 1994 explores the limits of electronic music, including ‘intelligent dance music’, believed to ‘move the mind, not just the body’. The series features electro pioneers such as Richie Hawtin, Alex Paterson and Autechre.  

Nik says:  ‘These albums challenged rave culture and transformed danceable electronic music into non-danceable on purpose -  a tasty record for intelligent dance music lovers’

XFM mix for MAH 06.08.11, by Ben UFO

Ben UFO - Fabriclive 67, 30 Minute Promotional Radio Mix by Audiotexture on Mixcloud

Fusing classic house, garage and dubstep, DJ Ben UFO is famous for his imaginative and distinctive sets. He founded the label Hessle Audio in 2007 with fellow DJs Ramadanman and Pangaea.  

Nik says: ‘Sometimes we spontaneously use the shop as a dance floor. Ben UFO is young, but he's got great taste in selecting music and certainly knows how to get people moving.’

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