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Boutique Choice: My Dream Dinner Party by Sunglasscurator

From Linda Farrow to Ksubi, the eyewear specialist Sunglasscurator boasts the world’s most sought-after optical brands. Roxana Marcu, the owner, cites the Tuscan coast as her dream dinner party location. ‘It would be in a charming villa surrounded by beautiful gardens, with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean,’ she says. ‘The dinner would be set up in a living room, featuring a super white marble fireplace and Baccarat candles.’

Her fantasy guest list would ‘single out those whom I relate to and admire through their amazing body of work; people who make impossible dreams possible’.


Roxana says: 'I love everything about Emmanuelle Alt, from her rock'n'roll minimalist look, to being one of the most important women in fashion. There aren't that many people out there with such a chic yet simple, distinctive look, so she's always an inspiration.

Roxana’s dinner party question to Emmanuelle: ‘What's the craziest thing you've done on a photo shoot?’


Roxana says: ‘Our love for sunglasses started with a pair designed by Linda Farrow, so we couldn't be more grateful for her outstanding and relentless work in the industry. She's truly a pioneer and we are her biggest fans.’

Roxana’s dinner party question to Linda: ‘Who are the designers that have influenced you in pushing so many fashion boundaries?’


Roxana says: ‘For us, Oscar de la Renta is a truly accomplished designer and we’re proud to carry his sunglasses line in our store. What we love most about him is his interpretation of women, the way he sees them, so refined, sophisticated, confident and a bit playful too.’

Roxana’s dinner party question to Oscar: ‘Will you design my wedding dress?’


Roxana says:‘Besides his tango dancing scene, which is probably one of the most romantic yet unromantic scenes in the history of cinema, Frank Slade is also the film character who said this, “Women! What can you say? Who made 'em? God must have been a fuckin' genius.” Need we say more?’

Roxana’s dinner party question to Frank: ‘Will you teach me how to tango Por Una Cabeza?'


Roxana says:‘We've been Jay Z fans since forever! This is a guy who faces tremendous expectations album after album, and he always manages to outdo himself. Long story short, it would be an honour to have him as a guest at our dream party.’

Roxana’s dinner party question to Jay-z: ‘Could you name one of those 99 problems?’

Illustrations by Grafilu