One of the biggest influences on our store fit was George Nakashima, who explained his woodwork history in 'Soul of a Tree'. Much like the relationship between, say Marni and their obsession with great fabrics, Nakashima has a deep obsession with trees in every kind.

The book describes trees as 'our most intimate contact with nature', an accurate description if you think about it. 'Soul of a Tree' outlines Nakashima's work process, which he runs with his family. His son Kevin carves signs while his daughter Mira helps design and make furniture.

Nakashima's interest in wood started out in the Pacific Northwest of America, where he used to hike in his younger days. Often trekking alone, it was here that he started appreciating nature. He then went on to study architecture at the University of Washington, eventually ending up in New York. He worked at the Long Island State Park Commission on several projects before packing his bags and leaving for Paris. After working in Paris, he moved to Tokyo, where he started to build the woodwork for which he is known for today.

One of Nakashima's many achievements is the Minguren (which translates as 'people's tool association') Museum, which he built in the mid-1960s. It's a museum on wood, storing unique and rare wood types from around the world. Our wood isn't as rare as the ones at the Minguren, but we'd argue that they look just as nice. Come in and take a look for yourself.

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by Simon from Anthem

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