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Scarf Art

by Hollie Moat

Lucy Jay's 'Kingsland' scarf

The silk scarf might just be one of fashion’s most underrated accessories. Yes everyone admires the tactile quality of the fabric and often oohs and aahs if there’s a pretty pattern, but it’s easy to forget just how versatile they are.
Think about it, you can wear them on your neck – Pink Lady style, or as a kerchief lower on the collarbone, wrapped around your head like Jackie O on the beach, or as a touch of individuality tied to whatever the ‘it’ bag of the moment might be. Silk scarves can add a splash of colour and vibrancy to a plain outfit and cover up a bad hair day.

Lucy Jay's 'Kingsland' scarf

So, having had this epiphany, the news that at farfetch.com  we’re about to receive a particularly fetching limited edition design by super inventive accessory designer Lucy Jay, has got us all excited. London based Jay has been slowly building up a reputation as an insider’s favourite for glamorous yet directional silk prints, with her signatures scarves inked with vigorous prints, strange symmetries and an intricate web of jewel and rainbow tones.

One of Lucy Jay's signature silk scarves

They come in limited runs, and are inspired by a host of modern and classic, weird and wonderful themes, but this latest edition, the ‘Kingsland’ scarf, will be especially rare – with production of just twenty. The design is part of the ‘Art Series’ by JaguarShoes, the Shoreditch collective who go by the philosophy of ‘creative ideas through collaborations’ and frequently team up with illustrators and designers on one-off pieces. Jay first became associated with them after launching the latest collection from her eponymous line at their sister space, next to quirky East London boutique no-one.

Lucy Jay's 'Kingsland' scarf

What’s got us especially intrigued about the ‘Kingsland’ is that Jay is aiming it as much at men as she is at their girlfriends, with the look book showing a dapper young chap sporting the scarf as a cravat, or neatly peeping out of his jacket as a pocket square. It’s a twist we didn’t see coming and one that works very well.
But till it arrives we’ll just appreciate Jay’s current colourful kaleidoscopic creations, perfect for Summer, or reminding you what Summer looks like if you happen to live it rainier climbs.  



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