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Accessory of Champions

by farfetch.com

Bumbag by Kokon To Zai

In the heady days of the Eighties and Nineties, millions of young boys (and girls) would sit glued to the television soaking up the theatrics and brash glamour of WWF wrestling. To them, there was no more covetable prize than the elaborate gold and leather belts sported by their victorious heroes.
Well, the Nineties may have ended, and with them a thousand questionable trends, but (and we never thought we’d say this), those gaudy gold belts are covetable once more. Only this time in the world of cult fashion rather than the sporting arena.

A collection of WWF wrestling bets

Avant-garde London label Kokon To Zai have issued a stand-out piece for Autumn/Winter 12 that encapsulates everything that is evocative and appealing about the famed wrestling belts – the opulence, the dazzling metal, the striking gold and black colour combination – and put a fashion spin on it with some butter-soft leather and a good dose of sartorial irony.
It’s actually a bumbag (another Nineties staple) rather than a straight-up belt, but during vacation season that can only be seen as a handy plus.
Ahhh, when childhood dreams become a style reality – a rarity, but a joy nevertheless.


Bum bag by Kokon To Zai
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