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Vintage picks by Rianna in Berlin


There’s nothing like a touch of glamorous vintage to ensure you’re the belle of any occasion. As Rianna Kounou, owner of the specialist boutique Rianna in Berlin, aptly tells us ‘I think that vintage pieces are very interesting because they are timeless’. With that in mind, we bring you Rianna’s favourite occasion wear picks for AW14.

By Beatrix Zwart

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Hermès Jacket-Dress

Rianna says: ‘I really love this print - Hermès is the master of print. I could wear this jacket-dress to a summer party in Monaco, or Capri with high heels and short silk pants, or to a chic restaurant with my boyfriend. Everybody would look at me and would wonder where I got it.’

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Yves Saint Laurent Bracelet

Rianna says: ‘I love costume jewellery and this Yves Saint Laurent chain makes me feel like a princess. You can literally put it with anything.’

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Chanel Bag

Rianna says: ‘I love this Chanel bag because it’s like a piece of jewellery. I would wear it with casual jeans and a t-shirt, but, actually, it will go with everything.’

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Balenciaga Jacket

Rianna says: ‘This jacket complements the Balenciaga Couture dress (it’s by the same designer too). It would look perfect on the red carpet at the Oscars in L.A.’

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Balenciaga Dress

Rianna says: ‘I chose this dress because it is a prototype of Balenciaga Couture. It never went into production and is, therefore, completely unique.’

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Yves Saint Laurent Dress

Rianna says: ‘I have chosen this Yves Saint Laurent dress because, despite its age, it’s still totally contemporary. It’s perfect for a cocktail party or a fashionable business lunch.’

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